Tk x l1

BL-1 Black Jaguar in the first public display

The BL-1 Black Jaguar arose from a requirement issued by the Byzantine Ministry of Defence a few years ago. With the weight of Byzantine tanks going through the roof in the bid to match the Japanistani super tank, and the B-2 Black Panther is a little too heavy for rapid deployment for the Airbourne and Mountain Comitatenses. The Marine Comitatenses indicated that they were not against the deployment of a lighter tank as it would aid them in their rapid movement of troops.

Drawing from technologies developed for the B-2 and B-3 tanks, the new tank features a similar armour layout to the B-2A tank, and utilizes a small compact 1,200hp diesel power plant driving an electric drive. The tank also utilizes a hybrid drive that allows the diesel plant to charge the high energy density batteries. These batteries are used only when the vehicle is driving to the battlefield and will likely switch to the diesel plant during battle. Equipped with a similar electronics package (including battle management computer and C4I equipment) to the B-2A and defence arrangement, including two millimeter radars to guide the active protection systems and gun-fired missile and rocket propelled projectiles, the tank is one of the lightest MBTs in the world, and the frontal arc is proof against known 120mm APFSD projectiles and to an extent, 140mm projectiles. Modularity was heavily emphasized, as with the B-2 and B-3, and the damaged armor modules can be replaced on the battlefield.

It is equipped with a 125mm ETC gun which can fire all existing 120mm (with adapter) and 125mm weapons, including the 8km ranged rocket propelled ammunition. The tank can be mounted with the same remote control station and CIWS station that equips the B-2 and B-3 tanks. However, the stations are likely only fitted in when the tank arrives in theater, to save weight. The same applies to the active/passive protection system. This maximises the survivability of the tank in combat.

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