The Cascadian Republic fields many top-notch aircraft, every bit the equal of various other worldly designs.


ASF-9 Falcon (F-16)

ASF-10A Condor (F-15A)

SF-10B Strike Condor (F-15E)

ASF-10C Super Condor (Fully-modernized F-15C)

SF-10D Strike Condor (Block 1 = F-15K, Block 2 = F-15SG)

NSF-11 Sea Shrike (similar to RL F/A-18 Hornet, strike-orientated more than multi-role)

NSF-11B Sea/Super Shrike (Similar to RL F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

AIE-12 Eagle (High Altitude Interceptor, 4th Gen)

VTF-13 Thunderbolt (STOVL fighter, not in service)

GSF-14 Wolverine (Ground Strike/CAS tactical bomber)

MSF-15N Lightning (RL F-35 base)

NAF-16 Sea Kite (dedicated carrier-based air superiority fighter, "4.75 Gen" tech base means 4th Gen with 5th Gen attributes, including some stealth)

ASF-18 Sparrowhawk (5th Gen Light Fighter/Multi-role craft, based on RL X-32/XF-32 Boeing design Pelikan tail model)

ASF-20 Kestrel (5th Gen Heavy Fighter/Air Superiority craft, based on RL YF-23 design)


KT-15 (KC-777)

T-12B (C-130J)

T-14 (C-5)

KT-16 (KC-22, modified tanker An-22s)

T-17 (C-777 - not in service)

Naval Patrol:

RC-8 (P-3)

RC-17 (P-8)

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