Behind the innocuous name lies the national police force of Tian Xia. It has many roles, such as criminal investigation, counter intelligence, riot control, counter-terrorism, and hostage rescue. Different sections have different requirements for joining.

Section 1Edit

The largest by far, it has been split several times as various internal branches grow. It is primarily concerned with criminal investigations. Typically this section works with prefectural police to bring in criminals

Section 2Edit

Counter intelligence.

Section 3Edit


Section 4Edit

Internal investigations. Charged with policing Public Security, which makes them somewhat unpopular amongst the rest of the organization. Also charged with investigations on prefectural police, which tends to make them unpopular with prefectural police.

Section 5Edit

VIP protection

Section 6Edit

Marshall section. Subordinate to the court system, and serve legal documents issued by the courts, as well as apprehend wanted fugitives, transport of prisoners, and operates the witness protection program

Section 7Edit

Technical operations. Conducts forensics and other technical testing (testing of weapons to determine tax category, etc)

Section 8Edit

Explosives Ordnance Disposal. A relatively small and some would say, crazy branch.

Section 9Edit

The direct action unit. This unit is specifically trained in small unit tactics, and would be largely ineffective in pitched battles. Fortunately, they have never had to.

Section 10Edit

Cybercrime. A relatively new branch.

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