The Imperial Byzantine Border Guards patrol the borders of the Empire. Currently, the Border Guards are divided between the Coast Guard and the Land Guards. The Coast Guard of course patrol the shores, while the Land Guards patrol the land borders.

Coast GuardEdit

Coast Guard CommandEdit

Coast Guard command consists of several frigates and corvettes, and maritime patrol craft, and is divided into 7 main sector commands, namely Constantinople, Sinope, Ephesus, Antioch, Jerusalem, Ani, Arabia. Note that each ship carries its own retinue of soldiers trained to board and seize ships.


This list is by no means exhaustive.

  • Flyvefisken patrol vessels,
  • 2000tonne Newark Corvettes outfitted for surveillance, command and control duties
  • Super Dvora MK III
  • Mirage class patrol boats
  • Hermes 900 UAV
  • A330AEW&C Phalcon
  • NH90 helicopter
  • Ka-52 helicopter
  • Mi-17 helicopter

Current organisationEdit

Each sector command consists of

  • 4 Light Coastal Patrol Squadrons (12 Super Dvora MK III craft each)
  • 4 Medium Coastal Patrol Squadrons (12 Mirage Patrol vessels each)
  • 2 Heavy Coastal Patrol Squadrons (6 Flyvefisken patrol vessels + 1 Skylark 3 each, In peace time generally outfitted for surveillance, ASW, riverine patrol)
  • 1 Command Coastal Patrol Squadron (6 Newark 2000 tonne frigates + 1 NH-90, entering service rapidly from 2015. Geared for Command and Control, ASW)
  • 2 Maritime Patrol Squadron (18 Tu-142BM)
  • 2 ASW Squadron (3 Invisible Hand Ocean Surveillance vessels + 1 Skylark 3)
  • 1 Air Space Squadron (4 A330AEW&C Phalcon)
  • 2 UAV Squadron (Hermes 900, Eagle II)
  • 3 Squadrons of NH-90 helicopters
  • 3 Squadrons of NH-95 helicopters
  • 2 Squadrons of Ka-50/52 helicopters
  • 2 Logistics Units (Mostly support craft, helicopters etc.)
  • 4 SWAT Companies
  • 8 squadrons of riverine patrol boats

Land GuardsEdit

Land Guard CommandEdit

Mostly stationed on the 6 main borders, namely at Trepizond, Sophia, Jerusalem, Antioch, Arabia. They use the same equipment as the Army.

Current OrganisationEdit

  • 3 Air Space Squadrons (4 A330AEW&C Phalcon)
  • 3-6 Mechanized Limitanei Brigades
  • 4-8 Cavalry Limitanei Brigades
  • 2-4 Onager Brigades (120mm Mortar, 155mm artillery)
  • 2-4 UAV Scout Brigades (Hermes 900, Eagle II)
  • 5 Squadrons of NH-90 helicopters
  • 5 Squadrons of NH-95 helicopters
  • 4 Squadrons of Ka-50/52 helicopters
  • 8-12 squadrons of riverine patrol boats
  • 2-4 Logistic brigades

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