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The Joint Combatant Command Headquarters

  • The JCCG is composed of the current commanders and deputy commanders of all combatant commands. Combatant commands being those designated by law as having direct wartime operational control over troops within their area of operations. The Group also includes a full operational and planning staff but does not incorporate most of the traditional staff roles at a headquarters unit due to the unique nature of the JCCH.
  • Headquarters Represented Include:
1) The Royal Armed Forces
The Commandant of the Royal Armed Forces or the Deputy Commandant sits for all four of the forces
2) Forces Command
This post is currently held by Air Marshall Douglass DeHavre and includes all active and reserve forces currently asssinged to the Messamerican Continent.
3) Atlantic Command
This post is currently held by Admiral Julio Gracia Leticia Marcelo and includes all forces assigned to duty overseas in nations bordering the Atlantic Ocean or at sea on that ocean but not otherwise included in Forces or Southern Commands.
4) Pacific Command
This post is currently held by General Kenneth Lexner and includes all forces assigned to duty overseas in nations bordering the Pacific Ocean or at sea in that ocean excluding those assigned to Forces or Southern Commands.
5) Southern Command
This post is currently held by General Hidekio Shinseki and includes those forces assigned to duty in the Impact Crater Archipelago and/or Frequesque as well as units at sea for service in the waters surrounding.
  • Each commander reports, through the JCCG, directly to the Crown. The group is designed as a separate avenue of advice (but not command)from the Ministry of Defense and the standard reporting channels. In practice the group functions as a fully uniformed equivalent to the Committe for Imperial Defense excepting that it may not appoint any sub-committees or working groups.
  • Each command serves on a rotating basis as the chair for any and all meetings of the Headquarters, there is no permanently assigned commander and the staff reports to a permanent deputy commander who serves a 2 year term.

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