The Legionary-class corvette was designed for the Imperial Byzantine Navy for near-coast patrol work. The hangar is too small to accomdate a normal helicopter, but the pad is large enough for most medium naval helicopters.

Characteristics Edit

Displacement: 1840 tons (standard load)
Length: 292 feet 5 inches
Beam: 43 feet 7 inches
Draft: 11 feet 2 inches
Speed: 29+ knots
Range: 4000 nautical miles @ 15 knots
Propulsion: CODAG: 1x LM2500 gas turbine, 2x diesel

Armament Edit

2x 21 cell RAM launcher
1x 76mm gun
2x 27mm autocannon
4x RGM-84 Harpoon

EW & Decoys Edit

Electronics Edit


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