In ServiceEdit

Small ArmsEdit

IM-1B squad automatic weapon
IM-1C designated marksman's rifle
IM-3 pistol
IM-4 carbine 
IM-11 combat shotgun
IM-15 auxiliary grenade launcher
IM-17 pistol
IM-18 combat rifle
IM-19 heavy sniper rifle
IM-20 personal defense weapon
IM-23 shotpistol

Crew-Served WeaponsEdit

I/VM-2 heavy automatic rifle
IM-5 mortar
IM-13 anti-tank weapon
IM-x14 anti-tank weapon (advanced)
IM-16 automatic grenade launcher

Heavy WeaponsEdit

VM-2A heavy machine gun (remote)
VM-5A mortar (remote)
VM-6 small-diameter rocket pod
A/VM-7 large-diameter rocket pod
VM-7A large-diameter rocket pod
VM-9 autocannon
VM-10 tank gun
A/VM-12 gatling cannon
VM-16A automatic grenade launcher (remote)
A/VM-21 howitzer
A/VM-22 howitzer

Out of ServiceEdit

Small ArmsEdit

IM-1 battle rifle
IM-1A designated marksman's rifle

See AlsoEdit

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