Miratia M-2 Cobra v2

M-2 Cobra infantry fighting vehicle.


The Cobra is a Miratian infantry fighting vehicle that can ferry up to nine infantry and their gear across the battlefield.


The Cobra is equipped with the VM-9 25 mm autocannon as its main weapon. The VM-9 has a single barrel with an integrated dual-feed mechanism and remote feed selection. The gun can carry a total of 300 rounds distributed between two ready boxes, and carries up to 600 rounds in storage, depending on the number of passengers. The two ready boxes will allow a selectable mix of rounds as new ammunition types are developed.

Variants and Derivative VehiclesEdit

M-2A Spitting CobraEdit

The Spitting Cobra is a heavily-modified derivative MRLS. The entire cargo compartment has been removed to make room for the multiple rocket launcher system and a larger crew compartment. It is usually deployed with a modified GT-40 carrier for additional ammunition storage.

M-2B Cobra CommanderEdit

A command variant of the M-2 with a target-designating radar, rudimentary electronic warfare systems, and a command computer. The additional systems require an additional two crewmen. The M-2B trades the standard T-4 turret for a T-3 remotely-operated turret mounting either a VM-2A heavy machine gun or a VM-16A grenade machine gun.

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