There's multiple types of landing craft available to the MESS.

LCU 1600Edit

The LCU 1600 class is a relatively small boat of only 200 tons light displacement. It is normally capable of carrying 2 MBTs, or up to 400 marines. It is capable of independant employement, being equipped with a full set of quarters for the crew. It's primary usage is in heavy lift, being capable of greater loads than the LCAC. Has both a bow and stern ramp to allow roll-on/roll-off operations. It is being phased out in favor of the LCU 2500 class.


A complement to the LCU, it's hovercraft design results in much increased speeds, as well as operations regardless of water depth. It can reach 80% of the coastland, as opposed to 17% of the LCU 1600.

LCU 2500Edit

Also known as the LCU-X, LCU(R), or LCU(P). Designed to be capable of carrying up to 3 MBTs, it also utilizes a new planing hull design in order to reduce transit times. Like the legacy LCU 1600 class, it has both a bow and stern ramp.

LCU 2500


Previously known as HLCAC, this design is to replace the LCAC in use. It is a hybrid design, merging the best of surface effect ships (the even greater speed, as well as smoother ride) with hovercraft (ability to operate in zero-draft conditions). It utilizes a unique side skirt system that inflates and deflates as necessary to modify the draft. It is capable of carrying two MBTs, or a large number of marines.

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