These are vehicles which do not have a sufficently long write up as to deserve their own page. They are ordered roughly in size and then date of entry (newer vehicles are later than older ones, for the same class)

Ground vehiclesEdit


Multifunctional Utility/Logistics and Equipment. 6x6 unmanned ground vehicle. Carries gear so dismounted squads don't have to. Allows soldiers to carry just their basic load, resulting in a several dozen pound reduction in weight carried by an average soldier.


High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle. Being replaced by the JLTV. 4x4 vehicle with many variants


Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. 4x4. Hybrid vehicle. 3 different primary variants, known as JLTV-A, JLTV-B, and JLTV-C. Payload capacity increases with later variants. JLTV-A is a 4 place vehicle for general utility applications. JLTV-B has multiple sub-variants: including a 6-seat infantry carrier, C3, heavy guns, 2-litter ambulance, and 2 seat utility. JLTV-C comes in 2 sub-variants: a utility variant, and an ambulance capable of fitting 4 litters. All variants will be capable of being fitted with an up armor kit.


Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement. 6x6 vehicle. Frequently called the 7-ton, due to it's off road capacity. One variant is used for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, which fits either 6 MLRS rockets, or a single ATACMS missile onto the rear.


Logistics Vehicle System. 8x8 vehicle. Consists of a single Front Power Unit, coupled to a Rear Body Unit. Several RBUs are available.


Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck

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