The MRB is a 49 foot vessel that has been designed from the start to be modular. It uses a standard crew of 3. Located at the bow of the boat is a retractable ramp. This, in addition to strengthening of the hull, allows the boat to beach itself for transfer of personnel and equippment on unimproved shores. The stern mounted anchor and winch allow the boat to tow itself afloat, rather than utilize the impellers. It is constructed largely from aluminum.

The boat is armored to protect against small arms fire, and can carry up to 4 mounted small arms, as well as a weapon on a remotely operated turret. Additionally, an air conditioner is installed to allow use in tropical areas. In conjunction, there is a overpressure filtering system allowing the boat to be used in NBC environments. Below and to the rear of the pilot house is a modular area. It can be equipped to carry up to 21 troops, or for command and control, storage, or as is the norm, accomodations.

Weapons on the remote weapon station can include: dual Hellfire (AGM-114) launcher, machine guns (including mini guns), automatic grenade launchers. Additionally, an AMOS dual 120mm mortar system can be installed in the same location, providing for a great amount of firepower. Four universal small arms mounts also allow for mounting of nearly any small arm, up to, and including, the GAU-19 3 barrel .50 cal minigun. It can carry naval mines on the rear deck.


Characteristics Edit

Displacement: 15 tons
Length: 49 feet
Beam: 12 feet
Draft: 3 feet
Speed: 43+ knots
Range: 240nm at 20 knots
Crew: 3 (2 officers, 1 enlisted)
Propulsion: 2x 850hp diesel through 2 waterjet
Capacity: 21 troops, or 4.5 tons of materiel

Armament Edit

Remotely operated weapon station
2x Hellfire
Machine gun
Automatic grenade launcher
AMOS 120mm dual mortar
4x universal small arms mount (with electrical)
GAU-19 .50cal gatling gun
M2 .50cal HMG
M134 6.8mm MESS gatling gun
M240 6.8mm MESS MMG
Mk19 40mm AGL

Sensors Edit

EO/LLTV/IR sensor ball (in front of coxswain)
Navigation radar


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