The Neuse River-class patrol frigate is an austere surface combatant for anti-submarine warfare. It has limited self defense capability, and is primarily designed to support the helicopter(s) that form their primary striking arm. Projected missile armament is RIM-162 ESSM, RIM-54 Sea Phoenix, and RUM-125 Sea Lance.

Characteristics Edit

Displacement: 2000 tons (standard load)
Length: 325 feet
Beam: 47 feet
Draft: 12 feet
Speed: 29+ knots
Range: 3500 nautical miles @ 15 knots
Propulsion: CODAG: 1x LM2500 gas turbine, 2x diesel

Armament Edit

16 cells Mk 41 VLS
1x Millenium II CIWS
1x Mk110 57mm gun
2x Mk 32 Triple Torpedo Tubes
2x 20mm automatic cannon
1x MH-60R ASW helicopter or 2x MH-65D ASW helicopter or CA101 Helicopter

EW & Decoys Edit

  • SRBROC launchers
  • AN/SLQ-25 Nixie torpedo decoy

Electronics Edit

  • ARTIST AESA radar
  • DE1160 LF sonar
  • AN/SQQ-30 light airborne multi-purpose system
  • AN/SLQ-34 electronic warfare suite
  • Mk XIII IFF system


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