NFT Armed Forces
NFTAF logo small
Service branches North Frequesuan Army
North Frequesuan Navy
North Frequesuan Air Force
North Frequesuan Rocket Forces
Commander-in-Chief President Willy Bank
Minister of Defense Commissioner James Eckhart

The NFT Armed Forces encompass an army, a navy, an air force and the rocket forces. The President of the NFT heads the armed forces, with the title of "chief of the armed forces". The President is the supreme authority for military matters and is the sole official who can order a nuclear strike. From the President the chain of command of the NFTAF runs through the Committee for the Armed Forces, to the Combatant Commanders who command all military forces within their area of responsibility. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the service Chiefs of Staff are responsible for readiness of the NFT military and serve as the President's military advisers, but are not in the chain of command.

Recent Operations Edit

There are currently 5,000 NFT troops deployed in 'external operations' on foreign soil. Note: 'foreign soil' includes the Overseas Departments.

  • Camp Taylor (Costa de las Cinco Muertes) - approx. 1,000 soldiers excluding Citidef personnel
  • Paradise Island (Velaria) - 3,000 foreign legionnaires
  • Fimbulwinter (former CFR) - 1,000 foreign legion parachutists

Organization Edit

The titular head of the NFT armed forces is the President of the Trust: the President is thus Commander-in-Chief of NFT forces. However, the Statute of Investment puts civil and military government forces at the disposal of the Syndicate (the executive cabinet of commissioners). The Commissioner for the Armed Forces (as of 2014, James Eckhart) oversees the military's funding, procurement and operations.

The NFT armed forces are divided into four main branches:

  • Army, including:
  1. Mechanized Infantry
  2. Airborne Infantry
  3. Armored Cavalry
  4. Artillery
  5. Foreign Legion
  6. Special Forces
  7. Combat Aviation
  8. Air Defense
  9. Engineers
  10. Signals
  11. Transport
  12. Supply
  • Navy, including:
  1. Naval Action Forces
  2. Submarine Forces
  3. Naval Aviation
  4. Marine Corps
  5. Naval Infantry
  • Air Force, including:
  1. Interceptor Wings
  2. Fighter Wings
  3. Bomber Wings
  4. Support Wings
  5. TEST Wing
  6. Naval Air Wing
  7. Air Force Ground Troops
  • Rocket Forces, including:
  1. Missile Troops (Rocketeers)
  2. Orbital Engineering Corps
  3. Orbital Strike Wings
  4. Special Ordnance Section

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