Old Dominion Navy Edit

Overview Edit

With the collapse of Shepistan the primary protector of the Old Dominion has shifted from the army to the Navy. As a result the Old Dominion has undergone a massive expansion in the past tens years, with the army concurrently shrinking.The Old Dominion Navy has a history stretching back several hundred years, when the "Order Ships" of the Kngihts of the Dominion arrived in Shepland. The Order Ships played major roles in the wars with the Sheppish kingdoms, and they were folded itno the nascent "Old Dominion Navy" with the formal creation of the office of Lord Protector in 1790. The ODN performed with distinction during the Second World War, and played pivotal roles during the Sheppo-Dominion Wars of the late 20th Century.

Quick and dirty ship listing Edit

  • CVN-8: Bulwark
  • CVN-9: Lord Fairfax
  • CVN-10: Dominion+, CVN11(planned)
  • CVS-4: 2 (Opechancanough+, Iron Maiden+)
  • LHD: 3(Centurion, Victory, Renown)
  • LHD: 2(Intolerant, Triumph+)
  • LPD:3 (Bull Run, James River, Virginia Capes)
  • CG: 4 (Lord De La Warr, Susan Constant, Godspeed, Discovery)(one hulk)
  • CAGN:10 (STAR CGNs, "New Horizons" SPY-3, KEIs)(Ronaldus Magnus, John Smith, Lighthorse Lee, Revenge, Repulse+, Resolution+, Lord Sterling+, Cape Hatteras,+ Dreadnought+, Indomitable+)
  • DDGN:8(Asheville+, Morehead City+, New Bern+, Wilmington+,DDGN7-10+)
  • DDGN: 2(Elizabeth City, Arlington)
  • DDG: 13(Carter’s Grove, Fairfax City, Norfolk, Sterling, Manassas, Chesapeake, Jamestown, Richmond, Occoquan, Newport News, Portsmouth, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania)(2 hulks)
  • FFG: 10(Chickahominy, Potomac, Rappahannock, Shenandoah, Allegheny, York, Albemarle, Cape Fear River,Accotink, Rapidan)(two hulks)
  • PF:12 (Neuse River+, Ocracoke Island+, Palmico+, Onslow Bay+,Lynnhaven+, Uwharrie+, Patapsco+, Patuxent+,Mattaponi,+ Palmunky,+ Elizabeth River,+ Old Rag+)
  • Corvettes: 8(Defense, Alert, Shield, Vigilance, Ranger, Biter, Sword, Saber)
  • SSN: 10(Blue Crab, Catfish, Stingray, Dolphin, Flounder, Eel, Hammerhead, Sturgeon,Nautilus,Sea Lion)
  • SSN: 8(Crawdad, Manta, Sea Horse+, Tigershark+,Goblin Shark, Moray, Sea Otter, Scorpion)
  • Fleet Tugs: 2(Powhatan, Tuscarora)
  • Floating Drydock:2(Cyclops, Polyphemus+)
  • Tender: 2(Wythe County, Surry County+)
  • Ro-Ro:2(James City County+, Frederick County+)
  • AOE: 7 (Stafford County, Loudon County, Prince William County, Hampton County, AOE5-7+)
  • TAGOS:2(Tenacious+, Titan+)
  • Polar research Vessel:1(Polar Explorer+)
  • HSV/Car Ferry:1(Swift)
  • M80 "Stiletto" craft:1 [4](Charger, Caliber, Ram, Taurus)