The Parliament for the Empire of Wilkonia and Baja is the federal legislature for the state of the same name. It is a unicameral legislature consisting of a fixed number of seats for members elected from the various districts of the nation and an unlimited number of seats for any bearer of a Hereditary Peerage or a Royal Title.

Elected Members Edit

The elected membership of Parliamnet consists of 504 seats divded principally by virtue of population. By law there is one seat for every 250,000 citizens though the exact apportioning is subject to decennial controversy as to the actual population. Currently the largest party is the Federalists who hold a plurality with 217 seats. The remaining parties hold descending totals with the smallest party representation being the lone member of the Communist Party of Wilkonia from R.A.A.N.

Privledged Members Edit

Privledged members is the official designation of those members who sit in Parliament by virtue of hereditary or royal title. All told the number of such persons can not currently exceed 104 persons though the number of titles actively conferred which grant such privledge amoun to fewer than 70.

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