Calico jack destroyer

Ranger-class (concept art)

The Ranger-class Air Warfare Destroyer is an advanced destroyer concept under development by Blues Brothers, presumably for the North Frequesuan Navy. It is to be a sister ship to the Calico Jack-class of Drone Warfare Destroyers, with which it shares a lower hull design as well as electronics and weapons systems. In March 2018 the Admiralty decided to fund a first run of seven Ranger-class destroyers, which will replace the Standard-class destroyer and a number of Crimson Dubloon-class frigates in active service.

In keeping with Blues Brothers tradition the warship class is named in honor of San Dorado's piratical history, specifically after one of the ships of captained by the infamous Shroomanian buccaneer John 'Calico Jack' Rackham.

Power and Hull Edit

Propulsion: Nuclear with electric drive (two reactors, twin propeller shafts + two water jets)
Top speed: 30+ knots
Standard displacement: 10,000 tons
Approximate length: 188m
Approximate beam: 26m
Approximate draught: 9.1m

Armament Edit

120 cells Mk 51 VLS capable of firing S-500-C and S-500D/E missiles, as well as a variety of cruise missiles

24 cells Mk 55 VLS capable of firing heavy cruise missiles

1x Ralson Arms 127/64mm compact naval electrothermal gun system

2x Ralson Arms 30mm dual-barrel electrothermal autocannon system

4x 120kw SSL CIL

2x twin MK32 Mod 9 torpedo launchers

Aviation facilities for 2x Medium Tactical Helicopter

Electronics Edit

  • S-500F Battle Management System, comprising APAR-MFR-1 X-Band, APAR-VSR-1 S-Band and SMART-L VSR L-band radars
  • Integrated Torpedo Decoy & Defense System
  • Sonar:
  1. HF and MF Sonar Array (Conformal arrays and bow array)
  2. Multifunction Towed Sonar Array/Ultra Low Frequency Active Sonar Array
  • Integrated Undersea Warfare system for mine avoidance, submarine warfare, and anti-torpedo system including supercavitating bullets
  • Electro-Optical/Infrared System

Ships (Planned) Edit

  1. Ranger
  2. Jolly Rover
  3. Good Fortune
  4. Peace of Ryswick
  5. Grace O'Malley
  6. Cacafuego
  7. Golden Hind

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