The Red Springs-class submarine is a guided-missile submarine based on a modified Flight II Seawolf-class submarine with a plug inserted in order to provide space for 22 missile tubes. Each tube measures 83 inches in diameter and provides space for 7 Tomahawk missiles. This design was chosen in order to minimize the number of penetrations through the hull for Tomahawk missile carriage. The plug measures a total of 100 feet in length, increasing the displacement of the ship by 3502 long tons. The removal of other systems (most notably the 12 cell VLS nest) has reduced the displacement and length, resulting in the characteristics listed.

Despite being ordered in near simultaneity with the first Seawolf-class boats, design delays resulted in a much later commissioning date for all 5 of the boats. The Tian Xia Navy is the only operator of this class.

Characteristics Edit

Displacement: 12,448 tons (surfaced) 13562 tons submerged
Length: 483 feet.
Beam: 40 feet
Draft: 36 feet
Speed: 34 knots submerged, 19 knots tactical
Test depth: about 2400 ft
Crew: 121 men
Range: unlimited
Propulsion: S7W assisted natural circulation reactor, turbo-electric, 36.5MW high temperature superconducting AC motor

Armament Edit

8 26 inch torpedo tubes, storage for 50 torpedos/missiles, or twice as many mines
22 missile tubes
154 21" diameter VLS cells

EW & Decoys Edit

WLY-1 torpedo decoy
WLQ-4(v)1 ECM system

Electronics Edit

BYG-1 battle management
TB-29A towed sonar array
BGS-24 active sonar
BQQ-5 active/passive sonar w/ flank arrays


Ship ListEdit

Tian Xia
Name Number Commissioning Date Status Red Springs SSN-501 2002 Active
Sulfur Springs SSN-503 2003 Active
Lime Springs SSN-505 2004 Active
Granite Springs SSN-507 2005 Active
Salt Springs SSN-509 2006 Active

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