The Royal Emmerian Navy (Konigliche Emmerische Marine)

This page reflects Emmeria as of: DEC 2017 (Last updated 08.01.09)

Formerly the senior of the three Emmerian military arms, the KEM is a force in decline. After recieving massive budget allocations under the Blue-Water Navy initiative of the 1980s and 1990s, funding to the KEM's projects was reduced to a trickle in 2002. The Polarian secession had forced the Kriegsministerium to reallocate funding to the Heer and Luftwaffe in the panicked scramble to create a force suitable for combat against the Polarian army. In the fifteen years since, the Navy has been forced to cancel project after project and order after order to afford the production of ships to replace vessels lost to combat or Polarian-friendly mutiny during the One Year War. Their current flagship project is very much a literal one, as the nation's only carrier, Gracemeria, has been inoperable due to a shortage of parts for the forty-year-old ship. The launch of Emmeria, a modern conventional carrier in the 80-90,000-ton range, in December 2017 is a long-awaited event for all of the Navy's supporters.

Being DesignedEdit

Under ConstructionEdit

  • 1 CG (Prinz Eugen Flt II) (ETA 04-2018)
  • 1 SSGI (Soryu Zwei) (ETA 06-2018)

For SaleEdit

  • 1 CV (Gracemeria)


  • Carrier Taskgroup
    • 1 CV, 1 CG, 3 DDG, 3 FFG, 2 SSI, 1 AOE
  • Amphibious Taskgroup
    • 1 LVA, 1 LPD, 1 LSD, 2 DDG, 2 FFG, 1 SSI, 1 AOE
  • Transport Taskgroup
    • 2 AKR, 1 DDG, 1 FFG, 1 AOE
  • Surface Action Group
    • 1 CG, 2 DDG, 3 FFG, 2 SSI, 1 AOE


  • 1:0 CV (Emmeria)
  • 2:1 LVA (Graf Gustaf - Angle-Deck Makin Island)


  • 3:0 CG (Prinz Eugen Flt I)
  • 6:3 DDG (Cheung)
  • 9:6 FFG (Perry Flt II)


  • 1:1 LPD (San Antonio - Purchased from MESS)
  • 1:1 LSD (El Paso {San Antonio extended-well variant} - Purchased from MESS and modified)
  • 1:2 LST (Osumi)
  • 3:3 AOE (Supply)
  • 0:6 AKR (Gordon)


  • 4:2 SSI (Soryu)
  • 1:0 SSGI (Soryu Zwei)

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