The Shield-class fast patrol cutter is designed as a exceptionally fast ship, allowing it to run down even cigarette boats. It's 8 Mk59 VLS cells provide a great amount of firepower, allowing it to carry either anti-ship missiles or anti-aircraft missiles. Mk110 57mm gun forward provides great gun based firepower on this size hull, while the RAM launcher aft provides effective close in missile fire. The reconfigurable mission bay at the very stern of the ship provides the ability to carry many different items, such as dedicated Harpoon launchers, or a pair of RHIB small craft.

Characteristics Edit

Displacement: 350 tons
Length: 179 feet
Beam: 44 feet
Draft: 3 feet
Speed: 60+ knots
Range: 2000nm at 40 knots
Crew: 23 (5 officers, 18 enlisted)
Propulsion: 4x General Electric LM500 gas turbines through two electric water jets, and 2 electric lift fans

Armament Edit

8x Mk59 VLS cells
1x Mk110 57mm Autocannon
1x RAM launcher

EW & Decoys Edit

Electronics Edit

  • AN/KAX-2 EO/IR sensor
  • AN/SPG-63 x-band AESA radar (based on APG-80)

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