(Quick and Dirty)

Sirnothi OOB


LPDS:2 Sirnoth, Nexus City

FFs:8 Hecate, Neunkirchen, Baden, Württemberg, Gawilghur, Srirangapattana, Al-Dathesda, Salazar

FFGs:6 El Capitan, Strassburg, Habana, Santo Domingo, Regency City, Gilean

AOE:2  Supply, Volcano
SSKs: 5 Moray, Stingray, Goblin Shark, Cuttlefish, Starfish.


MBT: 300 Stingray light MBT

Tracked IFV: 250 CV90

Wheeled APC: 800 JLTV-B

SPG: 60 PzH2000

Towed Gun: 130 M777 155m


Utility Helicopter: 110 CA101a and CA101b series

Heavy Lift: 24 CH-47F

Light attack:89 AH-1Z

AA Guns: 45 Sargeant York

Medium SAMs: 24] PAC-3

Heavy SAMs: 24 THAAD*(OD CDC STAR IADS site located in Sirnoth in addition to Sirnothi air defenses)

Air Force

Heavy Fighters: 12 Su-34

Light wight fighters: 48 F-39 Super Griffins

Light transport: 8 C-27J

Medium transport: 10 C-130J

Heavy transport: 4 C-22

VIP1: 3 C-37

VIP2: 8Beechcraft Super Kng

Tanker: 4 KC-22

Observation: 24 AC-208 Combat Caravan

Trainer/Light attack: 20 T-6

AWACs: 4 E-2D

Maritime Patrol: 12 P-8

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