The Supply-class fast combat support ships provide fuel and ammunition to fleet vessels, enabling long term patrols in the open ocean.

Characteristics Edit

Displacement: 58800 tons (standard load)
Length: 754 feet
Beam: 107 feet
Draft: 39 feet
Speed: 25+ knots

Operators Edit

ShinraRepublicFlag Shinra Republic Navy

  • AOE-1 Ceres
  • AOE-2 Supply
  • AOE-3 Provision
  • AOE-4 Extender
  • AOE-5 Sustainer
  • AOE-6 Projector

TXflag Tian Xia Navy

  • AOE-4 Supply
  • AOE-5 Bridge
  • AOE-6 Service

WilkoniaFlag Wilkonian Imperial Navy

  • T-AOE-1 Rob Thomas
  • T-AOE-2 Diane Ruggiero
  • T-AOE-3 John Enbom
  • T-AOE-4 Joel Silver
  • T-AOE-5 Dayna North
  • T-AOE-6 Nick Marck
  • T-AOE-7 Michael Fields
  • T-AOE-8 Joaquin Sedillo

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