The Swiftsure-class submarine is the last diesel-electric submarine to be in service by the Tian Xia Navy. It utilizes an air-independant system to prolong the length of time it can spend submerged. It was acquired when the Westchester Navy was absorbed by the Tian Xia Navy.

Characteristics Edit

Displacement: 2900 tons surfaced, 4200 tons submerged
Length: 280 feet
Beam: 30 feet
Draft: 28 feet
Speed: 20 knots submerged
Test depth: about 900 ft
Range: 6100 nautical miles @ 6.5 knots
Propulsion: 1 shaft diesel-electric/stirling engine
Crew: 65

Armament Edit

6 21" torpedo tubes

EW & Decoys Edit

Electronics Edit


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