T-95 Main Battle Tank Edit


T-95 Main Battle Tank

History Edit

The T-95 Main Battle Tank was developed in the Crimson Star Republic as it's fourth generation main battle tank program in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with considerable input from the Slavic National Confederacy nations, most notably Byzantium. The first prototype was created in 1998. Integration of the systems went long enough for the tank to linger in a pre-production limbo and most notably, protracted gun trials - until finally by early 2009 these problems were solved. After the serial production picked up speed, the T-95 became the backbone of the elite tank forces of the Union of Crimson and Shadow Republics during the 2008-2018 decade, and continues to play an integral part in the modernization of the Union armed forces, replacing older tank models in service.

Performance and characteristicsEdit

Crew members: 3

Weight (equipped): 50 ton

Weight to power ratio: >24 h.p./ton

Engine: 1500 h.p. GTD-1500 gas-turbine (V.Ya Klimov Factory) or XTD-1500 diesel on demand

Top speed on asphalt roads: 80 kph

Top speed on country roads: 60 kph

Top speed cross-country: 50 kph

Range: > 500 km

Ground pressure: 0,9 kg/cm square

Height: 2 m


Main gun: GSP-NP 152,4-mm smoothbore (40-42 rounds, autoloading), 2A83 152-mm gun family derivative

Barrel length: 9045mm (60 calibers)

Exit velocity: ~1800 m/s

Munitions: caliber frag rounds, sabot rounds, thermobaric rounds, ATGMs (derivatives of the Khrizantema ATGM)

Machine-guns: 1 or 2 (depending on complect) 7,62 mm

Targeting systems: optical, IC, laser (LASAR)


Armor: multi-layer combined scheme, equivalent protection against sabot > 1000 mm, against cumulative ~ 1500 mm

Active defense system: "Arena-M" (UCSR) or "Drozd-M" (proposed for the Pezookian export variants)

Countermeasures system: "Shtora-1M" complex of countermeasures against precision-guided munitions ("Varta" for the Pezookian export variants)

Crew compartment separated from other internal compartments, tank fire control equipement hardened against EMP.

Planned upgrades for T-95U Edit

T-95U (Upgraded) main feature would be the forced uprate of the GTD-1500 engine to 1800 h.p. The uprated engine version is undergoing final trials in the UCSR and will be placed on all new T-95Us since 2018.

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