The Tian Xia Revenue Service provides many functions. They act as the coast guard, performing rescues offshore. They act as customs agents, confiscating illegal imports, and preventing export of controlled items. Perhaps most importantly, they ensure collection of income taxes from businesses. It is part of the Department of the Treasury, and has a maritime law enforcement mission.



4 Heavy Icebreakers - all icebreakers are nuclear powered, and approximately 25ktons displacement.
6 Icebreakers - much lighter (3.5kton) icebreakers to clear rivers and other smaller seaways. They use azipod thrusters to provide exceptional manueverability.
20 Buoy Tender - tends to navigational buoys. Also perform search and rescue and icebreaking. Buoy tending can also be conducted by most other cutters.
20 High Endurance Cutter - The high endurance cutter is designed to patrol far offshore and provide rescue services to craft that find themselves in trouble. The stern is fitted to deploy and retrieve two RHIBs from crane, while underway.
30 Fast Patrol Cutter - consists of two different designs. The Shield-class cutter is from the Old Dominion. The Armidale-class is from the Duchy of Langley. There have been fifteen bought of each.
42 Island class Cutter - Considered to be obsolete, and slowly being replaced with either of the two WFPC classes.


Defender - 25 foot boat used for search and rescue, port security, and law enforcement. Transported either by air or trailer. Features large enclosed cabin.
Short Range Prosecutor - 25 foot launch deployed similarly to the LRI. Carried by smaller cutters (such as the WFPC cutters).
Long Range Interceptor - 36 foot high speed launch deployed either by rear launch ramp, or through the use of a crane.
Medium Response Boat - 49 foot high speed vessel for various uses.


MH-65 - the most commonly used helicopter. It's capable of being armed, but normally is used solely for search and resuce missions.
MQ-4 - drone aircraft used for maritime search

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