The Type 19 tank is the pinnacle of Tian Xia armor design. It utilizes several new innovations, including the usage of a new liquid propellant gun. Also featured is the new electric reactive armor, which utilizes electric current to disrupt HEAT jets and KE penetrators. It additionally features the Quick Kill APS, which is also being installed across the armored fleet. Somewhat uniquely to the Tian Xia Army, the AFV contains a boiling vessel for hot water.

The projectiles the RLPG fires are essentially identical to those fired by the 120mm/55 in the Type 11 Main Battle Tank. Although the RLPG is capable of firing either faster projectiles or heavier projectiles, neither capability is currently used. The gun uses a combination of HAN and TEAN in a liquid(water) carrier. The gun, in a first for the Army, utilizes an autoloader. This reduces the crew requirement down to 3. The autoloader is located in the turret bustle. The propellant satisifies insensitive munitions requirements, raising the safety of the crew.

The Type 19 includes a hybrid electric drive, allowing movement with the main engine shut down. It also includes an under armor APU. The hybrid drive utilizes in hub electric motors, resulting in a tank that can possibly continue to move even after losing a track. The tank is a partial derivative of the Type 11 tank, allowing the Type 11 to be upgraded to the same standard. It is projected that the Type 11 will be fully upgraded after Type 19 production has completed.


  • crew members: 3
  • Weight (equipped): 65 ton
  • Weight to power ratio: >23 hp/ton
  • Engine: MTU883 1500 hp diesel
  • Top speed on roads: 40 mph
  • Top speed cross-country: 25 mph
  • Range: 340 mi
  • Ground pressure: 13.3 psi
  • Height: 8'2"
  • Length: 27'3"
  • Width: 13'9"


  • M372 120mm regenerative liquid propellant gun(main gun) w/ 49 rds
  • M2 .50 cal machine gun (coaxial gun)
  • M230 6.8 USC machine gun (commander's gun in Protector M151 RWS)
  • Quick Kill APS
  • day/multi-spectral low-light/FLIR/Thermal sights for gunner and commander
  • laser rangefinder/designator
  • 2nd gen Chobham armor with additional electric armor and ERA/NxRA
  • NBC protection system
  • laser warning with automated smoke grenade launching
  • active hydropneumatic suspension

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