The Type 90 infantry fighting vehicle is a mainstay of the Tian Xia Army. It has multiple variants to fulfill different roles. The most common variant is the IFV variant. There are also air defense, mortar, and command variants. The mortar and air defense variants are immediately identifiable as such, the mortar due to the distinct double barreled turret, and the air defense version from both the different turret with radar, and the slight hunchback in the rear that encloses the missiles.

Common specificationsEdit

Weight ~23 tonnes
Length 6.55 m
Width 3.1 m
Height 2.7 m
Crew 3


The IFV version carries a passenger load of 8 troops. The weaponry consists of 40mm CTWS cannon, firing a 40x255mm Cased Telescoped shell, and a pair of TOW compatible launchers.


The Command version is armed identically to the IFV version, but the additional command and control equipment reduce the passenger load to 4.


Equipped with a dual barrel breech loaded mortar, it looks significantly different as a result. It is capable of up to 26 rounds per minute, and can result in a 14 round time on target barrage.

Air DefenseEdit

The air defense variant carries a single Millennium 35mm gun. It is controlled through a radar set built into the turret. The radar set is also capable of directing the vertically launched missiles located in what would be the passenger section of the other variants. The missile used is the MIM-159. 8 missiles are carried in a shock isolated mounting system. This system of capable of fire on the move operations. It is also possible to fire the Stubby in surface to surface mode, though this operation is discouraged. This is largely due to the relatively high cost of the missile relative to more optimized ground attack missiles.

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