(Vinish) Commonwealth Air Force (CAF)
Commonwealth Air Force
Founded 1915
Headquarters Sheoth Isle
Minister of the Air Force James Vincent
Air Marshal James Vincent

The Vinish Commonwealth Air Force (CAF) is the second most modern branch of the Commonwealth, with the 2015 establishment of the Strategic Arms Authority being well ahead of the 1915 year when Gizmonic built its first plane to be used locally.


  • 24 - Gizmonic Institute MRF–2000 “Falcon” [Lightweight 4th Gen]
  • 100 – MiG–25
  • 100 - San Doradan Rafales
  • 50 - Mirage 2000-5s
  • 32 – Gizmonic Institute ASF–1 “Hawk” [3rd Gen]
  • 7 – Gizmonic Institute IDS Fighter/Bomber “Vulture” [Tactical Bomber]
  • 5 – Su-24
  • 6 - Gizmonic Institute Stratotanker [Tanker]
  • 8 – Gizmonic Institute AWAC System Planes [Light AWAC]
  • 104 – Gizmonic Institute Jet-Trainers [Trainer]
  • 20 - Gizmonic Institute Cargo Transport Plane Mk. 2[Strategic Transport]
  • 40 – Gizmonic Institute Cargo Transport Plane [Tactical Transport]
  • 64 – Gizmonic Light Marine Patrol Craft [Light Maritime Patrol]

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